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Welcome to my Website. If you have visited my Website, it is because you may have the need for translation or communication services. There are no coincidences. It is possible that you understand English, or that some of your employees understand it very well, it is undoubted that knowing English is no longer a given, most people understand it because it is the accepted language for international communications. However, it is also possible that this document or material in your hands requires special treatment, that you do not want to do it yourself because you prefer or need to focus on something more productive or specific to your work, company or business, or frankly, that it requires professional processing.

You want to feel relief, that’s why you want to entrust someone else with this translation process, so that you can fulfill what is being asked or you need to communicate.

Not only is English essential to communicate internationally, efficient communication is crucial to bring parties closer together. We may seem to be communicating, but if we were, conflicts would be less frequent and less onerous. As the Dalai Lama said, «This is the Century of Dialogue». I also believe it so. As a Lawyer I can see that, if the parties could move beyond their standpoint, and open their minds, the possibilities of reaching an agreement would be far higher and less difficult. I am certain that there is another way of negotiating, of doing business. A way that includes the gifts of people, the values, the awareness of the other and the others. We cannot expect any changes, by acting in the same way. It is time to integrate the human into the essential in each of us. It’s time… we have the opportunity.

Often, small structures offer more freedom and accessibility. As my Dad says, «You win so much you lose.» I decided to service in a more flexible, personal, and approachable way. I enjoy knowing that I can help through my expertise and my gifts in the field of communications. If you feel that I can help you in your translation or communication needs, I would be delighted to receive your message. Here is a summary of what I can do for you as a professional.

I have a BA in Translation and Law from the University of Buenos Aires. I completed Postgraduate studies in commercial and corporate fields at the University of Buenos Aires and Austral. I was a university lecturer for 14 years at the Law School, in charge of Legal English Courses in the area of extended education and postgraduate training. For 18 years I have been providing language consultancy services to national and international translation businesses and law firms. Although my specialization is in the legal field, given the specific demands of my clients over these years, I have broadened my field of practice to include other subjects and areas of expertise, such as HR documentation and training, IT services, software, auditing, etc.

Alejandra Hozikian

Although my specialty is legal, due to the needs of my clients, in these years, I extended my area of expertise to other disciplines and knowledge such as documentation and content on human resources, software, auditing, cyber security, medicine, coaching and esotericism.



University of Buenos Aires


University of Buenos Aires




Buenos Aires Stock Exchange



  • Stock Exchange Operator (Buenos Aires Stock Exchange)

  • First International Congress of Translation

  • Specialized, Faculty of Law (UBA)

  • Professional Marketing, Association of Certified Translators for the City of Buenos Aires.

  • Diploma in Mediation (UBA)

  • First International Conference on Translation, Specializing in Economics and Finance. Association of Certified Translators for the City of Buenos Aires.

  • New Technologies applied to Translation. Beatriz Fabrello Business English

  • Clara Doblas. United States Chamber of Commerce

  • Seminar «How to get out of the financial «corralito» legally». Lectured by Dr. Biddart Campos and Dr. Gil Domínguez.

  • Seminar «Administrative Law in the Emergency» by Dr. Agustin Gordillo.

  • Seminar «Reforms to the Argentine Civil and Commercial Procedure Code» Organized by Mastergroup Argentina.

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Translation Skills. Module 1 City University of London (England)

  • Foundation Superior Institute of Linguistic and Literary Studies Litterae

  • Conference on the Legal Language of English and the Translation of Legal Documents from Spanish to English.

  • Lectured by Holly Mikkelson, Director of the International Interpretation Resource Center- Monterey Institute of International Studies- California- USA

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