Solutions in legal and business translation & communication services

Welcome to my website. If you are visiting my page, that is because you may need translation or communication services. Coincidences don’t exist. I believe in causalities.

You may know English, or some of your employees may handle it very well, there is no doubt that knowing English is no longer for few, most people handle it because it is the standardized language for international communications. However, it is likely that “this” document or material that is in your hands requires special treatment, you do not want to do it because you prefer or need to focus on something more productive or specific for your work, company or business, or maybe it frankly requires professional processing.

You want to feel relieved, that’s why you want to entrust this translation process to someone else, someone you trust, so that you can fulfill what you are asked to do, or communicate what you need to communicate.

Not only is English essential to communicate internationally, efficient communication is essential to bring the parties closer together. It seems human beings communicate, but if we did properly, conflicts would not abound creating so much unnecessary costs. The Dalai Lama said, This is the century of dialogue.” I agree with this idea. As a lawyer I see that, if the parties could change their perception, open their minds or better leave their minds to let their consciousness provide them their best solution, the chances of reaching an agreement would be much greater and less painful. I’m convinced there’s another way to negotiate, to do business. We can’t ask for changes, acting the same way. It’s time to integrate the human into the beingness in us. It’s time… we have a chance.

Sometimes small structures offer more flexibility and closeness. As my father says, “so much you earn, so much you lose”. I chose to serve in a flexible, personalized, close way. I love knowing that I can serve through my knowledge and my talent in communications. If you feel I can help you in your need for translation or communication, I would love to receive your message. Below I briefly indicate what I can offer to you professionally..

Commercial translations

Letters – Electronic messages – Budgets – Documentation connected with foreign trade – Agreements/Contracts – Corporate documentations – Balance Sheets – Annual Reports – Bylaws – Handbooks – Human Resources Material – E-learning – Software – Auditing – Medicine (general)

Scientific Translations

Research material

Legal Translations

Judgments – Pleadings – Trusts – Intellectual Property – Patents Master Agreements –

Certified Translations

These are translations that require the authentication of the Association of Certified Translators for the City of Buenos Aires.

Telephone interpretation

Regular assistance to clients provided through telephone interpretation and translation of electronic messages.

Ontological coaching sessions/programs (ICF certified)

You or your employees have a goal to meet or a situation to manage and don’t see the horizon. Ontological coaching is a resource that integrates aspects of psychology, philosophy, language and body, to be able to broaden the view we have on a specific topic and so to be able to access in a personal way the best response to those issues that concern to us. Ontological coaching operates unconsciously providing the possibility of seeing the solution or the answer we were looking for or believed we were looking for.